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Escorts in Blue Area Islamabad

Escorts In Blue Area Islamabad

Wedding Escorts in Blue Area Islamabad is a specialized job to ensure that the bride gets through her wedding with ease and under all circumstances. A special team of Escorts is selected for this very purpose. They include a Marriage Escort, an Islamic Marriage Escort, a Father of the Bride Escorts and a Mother of the Bride Escorts.

A Special Wedding Escorts team comprises of a marriage escort, an Islamic marriage escort, a father of the bride Escorts and a mother of the bride Escorts. These teams work together as a team to ensure that the bride is transported safely from one place to another in the wedding party. The wedding escorts are specially trained to talk to both the bride and the groom. They are made to feel at ease both before and during the wedding ceremony.

When choosing Escorts for your special day you have to keep some points in mind. The first thing is to make sure that they are not too old. It might be a little difficult to get the whole bunch together if they are too old. But for the sake of the bride and the family the team should not be too old as they are expected to take care of the bride till such time that she is settled. The men are expected to wear full face suits.

They are to sit near the front so that they can have a good view of the entire proceedings. The men in these Escorts should be trained well to provide the necessary guidance to the bride. It is important for them to understand her feelings and desires. For this they are to be present on the auspicious occasion as well.

The bride does not want her new husband to realize his dreams before he is ready. Her family needs to be present along with her to keep her spirits high throughout. There needs to be a special ceremony where the bride and the groom fulfill their vows to each other. It is customary for them to do the ‘Omer’ (promise) at this point. It is important that the bridegroom follows this ritual too. The wedding guests too should be present to cheer the happy couple on their way to becoming parents to their beloved children.

Escorts from Blue Area Islamabad take up different roles during the wedding ceremony. The men escort the bride from the house of her father to her new home. This can be done by foot, car or bike. Then the father of the bride will take the bride to the newly set up residence. This is where the wedding vows will be administered. The bridal party also has to be present to join in the fun as well.

Then it is time for the special dinner. The bride is first given a special gift by her father. This could be a horse brought from the countryside or a fancy dress which is considered to be very important at this point in time. The bride’s family also participates in the dinner festivities as they are the ones who will provide money and other contributions to make the occasion memorable. This wedding is not just about the bride and groom, it is a celebration of their love for each other and their families as well.

After dinner the celebration is continued with fireworks and a special fire ceremony which marks the conclusion of the wedding celebrations. After this the bride and groom need to be escorted back to their home. Escorts from Blue Area Islamabad follow a fixed protocol as far as escorting the newly wed couple is concerned. No matter what happens, the bride and groom are escorted to their home safely.