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Escorts in F-15 Islamabad

Escorts in F-15 Islamabad

Pakistani American marriages have become very common in the cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Rawal Kashmir. The American Consulate is located in Islamabad and as a consulate they send their American Consular workers to such cities to escort the newly wed couples during the ceremony. This is the job of the American Consulate since they are not allowed to get involved in the marriages directly. They are only present on the occasions when a wedding is taking place in Islamabad or Lahore.

In order to escort the bride and groom to their ceremony it is necessary that proper arrangements are made beforehand. The American Consul in Islamabad can help with this. Once the American Consulate staff arrives at the location then the arrangements can start. The arrangements for the escorts in Islamabad start with getting the vehicles ready. The cars are lined up in rows starting from the front to the back of the bus.

Escorts stand by the cars and make sure that the newly wed couple get into the proper position. The bridal couple is taken to their wedding venue where their escort will hold the ceremonial sword. Once they are in the bride’s place, the groom steps out of the van holding the sword. The escort then leads the groom to the back of the bus.

Once the bride and groom are at the back of the bus, an American Consulate servant helps them to get into the vehicle. Once in the car, they are escorted to the ceremony venue. The bride and groom are then welcomed by the escort and they take them to the alter where the wedding is going to take place. The bride and groom then walk towards the alter holding hands.

The escort leads the bride to the alter and she meets the groom. He extends his hands to offer his ring and they exchange the rings. After exchanging the rings, the bride walks towards the stage where the family of the groom waits for her. She then face-secures the flowers before standing in front of the family. She is then formally introduced to the guests.

Once the family has arrived, the newlyweds are given their individual floral bouquet which is presented to them by the Groom. The bride then gives her thank you gift to everyone who attended and supports them. The Groom walks over to the stage where he is introduced to the audience. Before walking over to the next guest, he gives the bride a kiss on the cheek.

The Bride’s father gives her a flower bouquet which is presented to her by the Groom. Escorts come to the aid of the bride when she is carrying her purse. Her escorts help her carry her bag as her groom sits beside her. Her escorts help her to push her bag to the back of the van.

When the bride and groom get out of the van, the Groom starts kissing the bride’s hand and the both of them hold hands. This is followed by exchanging rings. Finally, they both walk toward the exit of the vehicle. Escorts at F-15 Islamabad greet the couple as they reach their destination.

The Bride and Groom are welcomed by a number of guests before they are introduced to their wedding party. Escorts in F-15 Islamabad escort the couple to the reception hall where the wedding ceremony will take place. The Groom is carried by his Escorts to the ring where the Bride is introduced to her guests. As she steps to the front, the Groom stretches out his right hand and makes a gesture of presenting the ring to the Bride. The Bride then takes it from him and accepts it with both her hands.

The entire wedding ceremony is celebrated like a fair. The bride and the groom sit on the dais which is adorned with flowers. They repeat their vows to spend their rest of life in marriage. The wedding feast is served to the guests.

After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride and the groom go their separate ways. The Groom returns to his bride and the car carrying the Bride and escort is accompanied by the Bride’s Parents. As the vehicle is driving away, the Bride pulls out her engagement ring from her finger which holds the engagement ring which symbolizes the everlasting love between them. Escorts in F-15 Islamabad escort the couple to their newly wedded home.